Question: Can You Just Turn Up At A Premier Inn?

Can you eat at Premier Inn without staying?

Yes you can.

Priced for hot or buffet breakfast..

Can I have guests in my hotel room?

So, can I have a guest in my hotel room? In the US, most hotels do not prohibit guests from having visitors. However, hotel policies regarding this matter tend to differ from establishment to establishment as well as country to country. To be certain, it is a good idea to ask the front desk about it.

Do all hotels ask for ID?

Whether you use the Internet to make a reservation or show up in person hoping to get a room at the last minute, motels typically require you to show a valid photo ID to prove your identity. This policy isn’t unique to motels; hotels also require to you show a valid photo ID upon check-in.

What if I can’t find a hotel?

Here are five suggestions for what to do if you’ve arrived on the first day of your trip without a place to lay your head.Stay Out All Night. The sun has set, but that doesn’t mean you need to go down too. … Try an App. … Ask a Local. … Camp Out in a Hotel Lobby. … Widen Your Search.Jul 7, 2017

Is it OK to order takeaway to a hotel?

In the UK, is it considered acceptable to bring takeaway food to your hotel room? In the United States, this would certainly be acceptable. However, a friend of mine who travels to Paris mentioned that food in the hotel room is certainly not the norm and his usual hotel forbids it.

How late can you get a room at a hotel?

It depends on the particular hotel but something between 10 PM and midnight is common. Any time you expect that your arrival will occur during or after those hours, simply call the hotel and let them know that you are coming and an approximate time.

Do you have to pay upfront for Premier Inn?

Can I pay in advance or on arrival? Flex bookings for Premier Inn hotels can be paid for on arrival. However, Flex bookings for hub and ZIP hotels need to be paid for in advance, as do bookings made on all other rates.

Can you get a hotel room without a reservation?

California’s latest regional stay-home orders restrict hotels and other lodging establishments — including vacation rentals — from honoring reservations from out-of-town guests traveling for nonessential reasons. And buyer beware: If you’re booking online, you may not get a warning before you place your reservation.

Can a 13 year old stay in a hotel alone?

You can only make a booking if you are 16 years old or over. If you arrive at the hotel and are under 16 years of age you will not be permitted to stay alone.

What age can you stay in a Premier Inn?

16The website says under 16.

How can I book a hotel at 16?

If a 16 year old is an emancipated adult they may be able to book a room (at a hotel that will allow an 18 year old to rent) but they will need to have their court papers with them and even that isn’t a guarantee that the hotel will allow the 16 year old to book the room.

Is it better to book a hotel in advance or walk in?

The highest prices are quoted to walk-in guests. In terms of room prices, it’s much better to book ahead than to simply show up. … Booking fees are often added to room prices online, so you’ll pay more for the same room by booking ahead!

Can I have a guest in my hotel room Premier Inn?

The maximum room occupancy is two adults. Family rooms (where available) can accommodate two adults and two children (under the age of 16). … Occupancy is not transferable. Children under 16 are not permitted to stay in a Premier Inn hotel unless a parent or guardian is also staying in the hotel.

Can you get takeaway delivered to a Premier Inn?

Simply place your order online or via the Just Eat app, pop in the Premier Inn postcode for delivery and collect your order from the driver at reception. … And enjoy!

Do you need ID for Premier Inn?

Please let your chosen Premier Inn know if you are likely to arrive after 11pm local hotel time. Guests will be asked to provide proof of identity and nationality upon check-in. You may be asked to complete a registration form and provide your passport details.

Can two 16 year olds stay in a hotel alone?

You can only make a booking if you are 16 years old or over. If you arrive at the hotel and are under 16 years of age you will not be permitted to stay alone.

Can I bring food to my hotel room?

No..that’s not a problem at all. You have paid for the hotel room and you can have anything you wish to have in your room . The only thing you need to make sure is you don’t spoil or damage any property (in this case bedsheets etc )of the hotel or they may charge penalty.

Can you pay cash for hotel room?

Typically, you cannot make a hotel reservation with cash, a personal check or a money order. These payment options are usually reserved for paying your final bill, as hotels generally require a payment card to secure your reservation and will often require a deposit on that card.

Can a 17 year old stay in a hotel alone?

In general, the minimum-age requirement to reserve a hotel room is 18, with some locations in the U.S. allowing guests to be as young as 16, while others require guests to be at least 21. Because people under 18 years of age are considered minors, many hotels do not want to be liable in case of a problem.

Can you book a hotel at 16 in the UK?

You must be at least 16 years old to make a booking. You may book up to 4 rooms in the same hub by Premier Inn hotel for stays during the same period.

Do Premier Inn rooms have fridges?

All Premier Plus rooms are in their own dedicated space of the hotel, and come with a mini-fridge and complimentary water, a Nespresso machine with coffee pods and a variety of tea bags, a selection of sweet treats, and an iron and ironing board.